Hares, spring, dawn, flutterings, haze, territory. Axial is concerned with cycles or circumambulations in which delicate murmurings are interleaved with excursions into more vigorous ground. Written for Lontano, the ensemble comprises 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, harp, percussion, and string quintet. Recently released on the Lontano Ensemble‘s ‘London New Voices’ CD. Please contact Kim to purchase the CD, which also contains new music by Matias Hancke de la Fuente, Paul Evernden and Nicola Moro.


The piece’s title (referring to how the score looks, with hundreds of little black notes everywhere) reflects the piece’s initially abstract inspiration. Later, rehearsing with the recorder consort, I surprised myself by using poetic imagery to suggest the piece’s atmosphere: Leaves rustle to start/ a low, exotic songbird/ dancing to finish.


LINES (for 2 flutes, marimba//xylophone, violin and viola) is made from a number of assertive, strongly characterised statements; sometimes these fragment under the pressure; sometimes they extend themselves, becoming calmer; at other times ambiguity overtakes. The instruments are often grouped in similar pairs, at times working together but also breaking into contest.

(picard, pycard, picart) GLORIA

A retake on a vocal piece by the elusive late C14th composer Pycard (or was it Picard, or Picart?). Not a simple transcription, in this ‘recomposition’ I allowed myself to add one or two notes occasionally, but mostly I used timbre, register, and occasional rhythmic flexibility to move away from and return to the the original. Sometimes more fragmented, sometimes more joined up, Pycard’s Gloria is refracted through my personal kaleidoscope. Played by the Ealdwic Ensemble


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